About HeartScribe

     HeartScribe was developed by 16-year-old Rohan Taneja in early spring of 2016. He was inspired to make the app by his grandfather who suffered from severe Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Type 2 Diabetes. Nearly 6 million Americans also have Heart Failure and approximately 29 million Americans suffer from Diabetes. Those affected by either chronic disease must monitor their blood pressure, glucose levels, and more on a daily basis. With HeartScribe, this tedious task can now be done efficiently with an Android tablet or phone, using an incredibly straightforward interface consisting of just 6 large main buttons. HeartScribe allows both caregivers and older Heart Failure patients themselves to enter data into the user-friendly system, where it is stored in organized lists with time stamps. It has unique features such as Voice-to-Text data input and color-coded buttons to make the app even easier to use. The HeartScribe application also features an export/email button, which creates an email with a chronologically sorted list of data from the four data screens and can be sent to the caregiver or physician in a matter of seconds. HeartScribe aims to reduce the burden that comes with Heart Failure and those risk factors associated with it. By offering one of the most simple, user-friendly interfaces available on the market, this Android application empowers the elder population suffering from these chronic diseases to monitor their own health, easing the job of caregivers. Take charge of your heart, and get HeartScribe now. 

       Be on the lookout for the ios and online versions of HeartScribe, coming soon!

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